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Holistic HospitalityHolistic Hospitality

Holistic Hospitality

A Bridge to a Future Army

“Practice hospitality” is an imperative from the Apostle Paul, and he’s not thinking about tea and petit fours. Captain Andy Miller III presents true Christian hospitality as a lens for refreshing Salvation Army ministries. He provides a biblically rich and historically rooted theory. Then he tests out how this can work in a practical context. Miller brings together all the constituencies of the corps—the congregation, the advisors, the staff, and the shelter guests—around one table for one purpose: to refresh the ministry of the Family Shelter at his corps in Arlington, Texas. As you read, you will no doubt be inspired, with Miller, that holistic hospitality is the bridge that could take the Army forward into the future.

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Stay the CourseStay the Course

Stay the Course

Challenges to Salvationists From the Book of Acts

Stay the Course written by Captain Andy Miller is an exhilarating walk through the book of Acts. A great book for Officers, cadets, soldiers and friends of the Salvation Army.

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